Confidence, Courtesy and Compassion
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Your Charming Child,
voted "The Best Tutoring Service in Bucks and Montgomery Counties" by The Intelligencer newspaper readers for 
five years in a row, provides etiquette education to children, teens and adults ages 5 and up. Our goal is to help you develop confident, courteous and compassionate children and to assist adults with networking skills as well. We serve Bucks/Montgomery Counties and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey.
We realize most parents are doing the best that they can to teach their children manners and proper communication. However, studies have shown that children are more open to etiquette instruction when taught by someone other than a parent. Also, at a younger age, they are more receptive to learning and retaining what they have learned. We are here to help parents reinforce all of the positive attributes and values children are taught at home as well as to introduce ideas and tips to help a child feel at ease. 

One definition of charming is "having a trait imparting the power of pleasing or fascinating."  Confident, delightful, winning, engaging, amicable, friendly and gracious are some words used to describe a charming individual. People can be born with an outgoing  personality, but this alone does not get them far if they are also impolite, arrogant or egocentric.

Possessing good manners and excellent social skills is surely part of the process of becoming well-liked.  However, it is more than just knowing to say “please” and “thank you.”  Knowing the best way to communicate with confidence and empathy will allow your child to make a good impression on others.  Learning why it is so important to behave certain ways really gets to the heart of how to be a conscientious human being. It will teach your child to actually connect with others' feelings, something that is lacking today, unfortunately. Putting this knowledge into practice through role-playing and interacting with others in class is the ideal way to make the lessons "stick." And, learning what not to do is just as essential. Miss Mistake™ is a character who shows the children what it looks and sounds like when the wrong thing is said or done.

This invaluable information will build your child’s self-esteem throughout his/her life leading to success in school, the workplace, and social settings.
  Having these tools will encourage your child to be more respectful and helpful at home as well.  We strive to make learning fun and we keep our classes small for more individual attention.

Just as loving and caring parents want the best for their children by enrolling them in a music program, a sport, or an art class, encouraging them to learn to communicate and behave properly plays a large part in creating a well-rounded child. Parents who wish to equip their children with this knowledge early in life will prepare them for a world of interaction and will be giving them a “leg up.” It is a most important investment with a lifetime of return. After all, what parent wouldn’t want his or her child to be polite, confident, and exceptionally charming?

We also hold private and small group sessions for teens and adults who yearn to be charming in social and business settings!  

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Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.”

~Clarence Thomas (Associate Justice of the Supreme Court)

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WelcomeWhy Learn Etiquette?ProgramsAbout the InstructorsClass Schedule & FeesTestimonials and PhotosRegistrationIn the NewsContact Us